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Call For Proposals

Southeastern Liberal Arts Research Conference (SELARC) 2023

The English Graduate Association at Auburn University

This April, the English Graduate Association at Auburn University are inviting proposals from graduate, undergraduate, and professional scholars on all topics related to” Possibilities, Problems, and Conversations. The purpose of 2023’S SELARC conference, scheduled for March 31st-April 1st at Auburn University, is to explore the ways in which we construct and imagine what was, is, and will be possible. What are the new possible ways to conceive of the past, present, and future? What are the risks? We welcome studies from humanities-centric disciplines that address questions of how we frame and envision our world.

What is SELARC?

Primarily a showcase for graduate research, proposals will be considered from scholars both from graduate and undergraduate scholars. We are specifically looking for submissions from the Liberal Arts: history, art, language, literature, philosophy, journalism, creative writing, theater, anthropology, and all other related fields. SELARC is a welcoming and inclusive environment to share scholarship as well as meet and work with rising and established scholars across the disciplines. In addition to presenting research, SELARC will feature panels of established scholars to help students seeking to break into academia. This will include instruction on how to apply to conferences and engage with academics within one’s field of study.

How to submit research

The Program Committee will accept proposals for individual papers, posters, and presentations (20 minutes) as well as panels with two or three papers/presentations (60 minutes) Proposals for individual papers/posters/presentations should include a paper title, 250-word abstract. You may include audio or other relevant media pieces if needed. Proposals for panels should include a 350-word abstract explaining the purpose of the panel, as well as identifying the individual speakers and their papers, and specify any audio visual or other requirements.

Proposals can be submitted below. The deadline for proposals is March 1, 2023.

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