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MTPC Guide

Getting a graduate degree is difficult enough without having to figure everything out on your own! Between the English Department, the College of Liberal Arts, and the Graduate School, there are a number requirements, deadlines, and forms to complete, many of which aren't made clear in advance. You don't have to figure it all out on your own, however!


These guides are intended as a series of walk-throughs to help you meet the various requirements of your degree. Everyone's experience in the program and their individual needs will be different, so these guides are not designed to be set-in-stone rules. Think of these guides as a suggested checklist of steps to take and a resource to help point you in the right direction.

The official English Department requirements for the Master of Arts in English can be found at

Suggested Timeline:

Basic Requirements Checklist:

  • 32 credit hours:

    • 12 credits major area courses

      • ENGL 7000: Technical and Professional Editing

      • ENGL 7010: Technical and Professional Communication: Issues and Approaches

      • ENGL 7060: Web Development

      • ENGL 7080: Document Design in Technical and Professional Communication

    • 9 credits distribution courses in English

    • 9 credits in minor area courses or courses in English

      • Students can select graduate courses for their coordinated minors from a range of departments, including Communication and Journalism; Political Science; Educational Foundations, Leadership, and Technology

      • Regardless of whether they are English graduate courses or graduate courses from other departments, all courses must be approved by students' advisory committees.

    • 1 credit Literature Practicum (ENGL 7940)

    • 1 credit Rhetoric and Composition Practicum (ENGL 7940)

  • ePortfolio and Defense/Oral Examination

1st Year - Fall

  • Explore potential MTPC professor as major professor

  • Consider exploring Minor area of study

  • Register for Spring Semester

Suggested/Required Courses

  • Literature Practicum (ENGL 7940)

  • Three Courses

    • ENGL 7000

    • ENGL 7010

    • suggest one be English Distribution course

Forms/Requirements to be Met

1st Year - Spring

Suggested/Required Courses

  • Rhetoric/Composition Practicum (ENGL 7940)

  • Three Courses

    • ENGL 7060

    • ENGL 7080

    • suggest one be English Distribution course

Forms/Requirements to be Met

1st Year - Summer

  • Make sure you are registered for Fall

  • If you are a GTA, prepare your teaching materials for Fall (syllabus, reading schedule, assignment instructions, etc.)

Suggested/Required Courses

  • Optional: One course, suggest a Distribution or Elective course

Forms/Requirements to be Met

2nd Year - Fall

  • Meet with major professor to discuss portfolio and decide on the documents to be included

  • Develop timeline for ePortfolio completion with major professor

  • FORM: Graduation Application (under AU Access, on My Academics)

  • Meet with Director of Graduate Studies to make sure you are on track to complete all requirements

  • Register for Spring

Suggested/Required Courses

  • Three Courses

    • suggest completing all non-Major course requirements

Forms/Requirements to be Met

2nd Year - Spring

Suggested/Required Courses

  • Two-Three Courses

    • complete all remaining course requirements

Forms/Requirements to be Met

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